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Airas Middle East s.a.l. (AME) is a company focused on Insurance Software applications, mainly in Life insurance and related products and services.
AME was created to provide localized products and personalized services to Customers in the Middle East and Mena Region.


AME Provides comprehensive solutions allowing Insurance Companies to have competitive edge to face market challenges


AME Systems are practically fully « Parameterized » (Configurable) , nearly «everything» can be defined without intervention of AME or in house IT

Illustration Software

Includes : Projection , User Profiling , Sales Tool, Generate life policy offers, and much more. . .

Life Administration Software(AME-Life)

Includes : Unit Link, Term, Groups, Grouped Policies,.... it is Multi Currency and Multi languages . . . (With Integrated Accounting & Reinsurance )

Non Life Administration Software(AME-Non Life)

Includes all line of business : Vehicules, Properties, Marine, Personal Accidents, General Accidents, ..... (With Integrated Accounting & Reinsurance )

Accounting Software

Integrated Accounting allowing smooth operations and automatic transfer, and has the ability to track all transactions through accurate reports